Pleasure Guild of Nationwide Children’s Hospital


Drendyn[1]Tessa and Jordy welcomed their third child, Charles Drendyn, into their family in November of 2009. Tessa’s pregnancy was “perfect” and initially Drendyn seemed perfect too. But at about 4 months of age, his parents began to notice that he was not developing in the same way that his older brother and sister had. Initially diagnosed with developmental delay, Drendyn was enrolled in Help Me Grow, but at 6 months of age he had his first seizure and it became apparent that something more serious was wrong. At this point Drendyn and his family embarked on a journey of visits to physicians and specialists, multiple tests, and frequent prolonged hospitalizations. Drendyn continued to have seizures, mobility issues, and difficulty tolerating feeding. Eventually Drendyn was diagnosed with terminal Mitochondrial Disease. Drendyn’s mom says from this point on it was really “a downhill battle.” Drendyn continued to worsen and eventually in March of 2012 his parents were told that there was nothing more that could be done. Drendyn was referred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital home based Palliative Care Team with the goals of keeping him comfortable and at home. Drendyn’s care team included a physician, nurses, social work, and a chaplain. Child life was instrumental in supporting his brother and sister. With the support of the palliative care team, Drendyn died comfortably at home on May 27,2012. Tessa says, “We couldn’t have asked for better nurses anywhere. They made Drendyn comfortable so there was no more pain for him to endure. The whole team supported us and helped us all understand what was going on. They were there for us when Drendyn died and they were great to my two other children in the process. We feel the Palliative Care Team are very caring, loving, special people and we would recommend them to other families experiencing what we went through. To this day we receive cards and letters from them. I can’t express how I feel about Palliative Care. I hope they know how much they mean to our family. Thank you for being there in our time of need.”

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