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Micah 38 months

When little Micah was born his parents knew he had a problem, but soon after they learned he was even sicker than they feared. Micah  has congenital hydrocephaly and a chromosomal disorder that prevented much of his brain from forming normally. He wasn’t expected to survive.

Parents Codi and Adam decided their goal was to keep their son comfortable. They brought Micah home and were told to prepare for his death sometime in the following six months. That is when The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Hospice and Palliative Care Team became involved.

Micah was admitted to the hospice program, which provided medical, nursing, social work, chaplain, and massage therapy services to manage his medical and comfort needs and to support his family in caring for him. Micah’s mom says the first several months of his life were a roller coaster of emotions and questions and the hospice team cared for and supported Micah and his family the entire way. “The nurse was always so calm and supportive of us. When Micah had a six hour seizure she came to the house and stayed with us until it finally stopped. The social worker and chaplain not only cared for Micah, Adam, and me but would play with Micah’s brother Cyrus too. Cyrus just loved to see them come to the house. He thought they were coming just for him.”

Micah has surprised everyone by celebrating his third birthday this spring and he is beginning school and continuing his therapy program at home this fall. Micah is a happy little boy, full of smiles, giggles, and mischief. He enjoys his family, especially playing with his big brother.

Micah “graduated” from the hospice program but he and his family continue to be supported by the palliative care team.

3 Comments on “Micah”

  1. mary says:

    this is a beautiful story and we know GOD has richly blessed you with micah .we have been able to keep up with his progress on facebook so thankful for this!!!!!!God richly bless you and your family!mary brixey

  2. says:

    We love Micah…this is just the beginning of the incredible things Micah will do in his life time…thank you hospice you have saved this families hearts! We will forever be indebted!

  3. Bruce Bennett says:

    Micah has changed our lives in so many positive ways!

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